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Ziwi Lamb Green Tripe Dog Treats

Lamb Tripe is just that! 100% New Zealand free-range, grass-fed Lamb. The flat, textured shape of this chew makes it an ideal choice for adding interest and variety to your dog's eating experiences.

Key Benefits:

- Promotes dental health: Chewing the flat, ridged texture of Ziwi Lamb Tripe provides a gentle, abrasive action which helps to maintain good dental health.

- Lamb Tripe is sourced from 100% local New Zealand grass-fed free-range farms

- One single ingredient – 100% natural, with no additives, preservatives, hormones, or growth promotants

- Single-sourced protein makes for a low-irritant option for dogs with sensitive digestive systems

- Gentle air-drying process: Naturally preserves the nutritional value of the oral health chew

- Great training treat or reward – dogs love to chew on the drumstick

- Resealable packaging so you can feed the oral health chew gradually over 8 weeks

- Naturally occurring Chondroitin to support healthy joint function and reducing inflammation

Ziwi Lamb Green Tripe Dog Treats

1 Gram

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