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  • Whats the difference between our 2 cat cafes?
    The Cat Castle Cafe is located in Devonport and is home to many resident cats many of which are rescues. This location is kids friendly, very instagrammable and pink!💓😻 it is very spacious. [booking is required] This location is NOT wheelchair accessible. The Mini Cat Cafe - Furever 2nd Home is located in Mairangi Bay. All the cats at this location are rescues and come from various different backgrounds with different personalities. The majority of the cats and kittens at this location are adoptable. 😻 This location is wheelchair accessible.
  • What type of cats so we have at our Cat Cafe?
    We have a wide variety of cats such as Persians, Arabian Mau, Kanaani, Turkish Angora, Ragdoll, Flame Point Ragdoll, American Shorthair, Siamese, Bombay and much more. Come along and see if you recognise any ;)
  • Are there memberships or loyalty cards
    Yes we do! If you join our yearly membership program starting from $30, you can get many benefits including free entry on your birthday, half price entry, gifts and much more. more info can be found on this page: Loyalty cards are free to join, with every 5 entries get 1 free entry.
  • Do i have to book online?
    For the Cat Castle Cafe in Devonport, booking is essential as its run by session, booking online guarantees your entry in a timely manner and avoids any wait time vs if you walk in. Walk ins are still accepted however a wait time might incur. For The Mini Cat Cafe in Mairangi bay, booking online is recommended but walkins are accommodated for if it's not a large group (below 5ppl is usually easy to fit in). We look forward to seeing you! 😻😻
  • Can we adopt cats?
    Yes of course! at our Mini Cat Cafe all our cats are looking for their furever homes. at our Devonport branch a few cats are looking for their furever homes, pls ask our friendly staff or follow us on instagram to know whenever we have new kittens and cats for adoption. @catcastlecafe @minicatcafe
  • I'm having trouble processing my booking
    Our bookings for a session close an hour prior to the session. If your payment has not gone through on our website this indicates that the booking has not been successful. Feel free to contact Jane - 021 088 55616 for any assistance
  • Does the Cat Cafe have an age limit?
    Our cat cafes welcome all ages. All children below 10 years old have to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. All children must be gentle, calm and respectful towards the cats and the environment around.
  • Do we do Click and Collect or deliver?
    Yes we do both. For Click & Collect - its available at any time during our working hours from our store in Mairangi Bay, Auckland. However, for delivery, we can deliver your purchases to you the same day if order was made before 12:00 pm, and if your in the Auckland region. For other parts of New Zealand and outside of Auckland, delivery will take up to 3-5 working days. purchases above $79 will have FREE dilevery, and below $79 will have a $6.99 surcharge.
  • Do we take orders over the phone?
    We are happy to take your order over the phone. Call our friendly Customer service Team at any time from Mon-Sun: 9am-5pm (NZDT) on 021-2838779 (021-C U FURRY) to place your order.
  • I don't see the brand of food or supplies I normally buy in your store. Why isn't it on your website?
    Contact us to find out if we can order your brand or add it to our online store. We are continually adding products to the website and are happy to add customer requested items.
  • Do we offer a loyalty programme?
    Yes we do have a loyalty programme "Paw Points". For any online purchases or online bookings you can easily gain points! for more information pls check out this page: *T&C apply.
  • Do we offer dog walking services?
    Yes we do. Whether it is rainy, hot, or a public holiday, we would love to walk your dog. (charged per half an hour OR per hour). For small dogs: $ For Medium dogs: $ For Large dogs: $
  • What are Flea and Ticks?
    There are 4 stages to the flea cycle. The flea life cycle is long and if the time of application is not strictly adhered to, there may be re-infestation in your home, driving you and your pet apart. STAGE 1 Newly emerged adult fleas jump onto your pet, after a blood meal, mate and start to lay eggs. Eggs can be produced 24 hours after landing on your pet. After treatment, Bravecto chew or spot-on* for cats and dogs kills 100% of fleas within 12 hours. STAGE 2 Flea eggs fall into your pet’s immediate environment. The eggs hatch as larvae, burrowing deep into carpets, cracks between floorboards, bedding and furniture. STAGE 3 Larvae turn into pupae which stay well protected in a cocoon until they get close enough to your pet to emerge as fleas. STAGE 4 Adult fleas emerge from their cocoons 3-8 weeks or more after eggs are laid. Bravecto provides at least 3 months flea and tick protection, effectively killing all newly emerged adult fleas and breaking the flea lifecycle. TICKS: The NZ Cattle Tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis) is endemic in New Zealand, and is commonly found in warmer regions. This tick will attach to and feed from a variety of domestic animals including cattle, sheep, deer, dogs, cats, and horses, as well as the occasional human, wildlife and bird species. Bravecto Flea and Tick treatment for cats and dogs both provide 3 months protection from ticks. Bravecto chew provides dogs with 3 months of protection from ticks. Bravecto spot-on for dogs provides 4 months of protection from ticks.
  • Is it uncomfortable for dogs to have long nails?
    Yes, it is very uncomfortable for your dog and that’s why it is so important to have them trimmed. if left unattended for a long period of time, it might cause pain and your dog may have difficulties while walking. therefore, we recommend trimming their nails every 4-5 weeks. Book it with us today for just $10.
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